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12 quick tips to transform your invisible followers into active users

A  lot of people on the net visit various websites, browse various blogs everyday. At identical time various people come back to your web site. I check my internet statistics and it shows what percentage people come back to my web site everyday. therefore many people come back to my web site however why i do know only some of my readers? Why only few guests leave comments? This is one issue you may have confidence too. this is often as a result of majority of net users don’t seem to be active participants. they’re in your list of holiday makers however they’ll not assist you get into blogging as a result of, 1. they’ll not leave comments or reply to any discussions 2. they’ll not vote for you in social sites 3. they’ll not link to your journal as a result of they could not have a journal 4. they’ll not contact with you 5. they could not click on your ads(This isn’t a political candidate requirement!) here are unit some ways that to bring your invisible followers before and to create them into active users, (1) raise to depart comments: At the tip of every post, leave some queries and raise your readers to depart comments, suggestions or questions. If nobody is doing this, raise your friends to depart some comments. (2) Be dumb: Most of the time we tend to bloggers write nice articles with each data we are able to. Write some incomplete articles, be a dumb and allow them to leave a reply. (3) arouse help: Let your readers understand that you simply don’t seem to be a genius and you’re a normal person like them too. raise data, suggestions via your journal and allow them to assist you out. (4) Polls: Polls area unit nice ways that to create your readers participate in your journal. raise questions and allow them to offer answers. this is often a good thanks to understand your readers. (5) Chatbox: Add a 3rd party chat hold in your journal and let your readers leave reply. Chat is way easier thanks to communicate along with your readers than comments. Don’t forget to reply to the messages too. (6) MyBlogLog widget: MyBlogLog could be a good way to indicate up your recent readers. you’ll track your readers and may communicate with them victimisation it. (7) Contact option: Keep some choice to contact with you. A email possibility and add a number of the links to your social profiles like twitter, facebook etc. (8) Educate them to blog: If your readers don’t seem to be bloggers, then build them awake to blogging and teach them the way to blog. Tell them it’s straightforward, free and artistic. (9) Feature your contributors: Feature your commentors, friends and subscribers in your blog. Add their link in your web log or mention regarding them in your post, they’ll have an interest. (10) raise them to subscribe: raise your readers to subscribe via RSS reader or email. produce a page to allow them to understand what RSS feeds area unit and the way to subscribe. (11) Reveal yourself: Share some data regarding yourself, let your readers realize you and that they can reveal them too. (12) Free givaway: provide some free things like coupons, free downloads, ebooks, free reviews and that they can show up. (Bonus) Run contests: Run contests on your web log and provides prizes. this is often in a different way to create your readers act along with your web log. So if you’re one among my invisible followers, then please show yourself and connect with Pine Tree State. does one suppose the following tips can assist you, otherwise you have another nice idea? Please facilitate Pine Tree State out with a Stumble, Delicious or the rest you would like icon smile 12 quick tips to transform your invisible followers into active users

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