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Forex Advice – Forex Scalping Trading Strategy

Forex Advice – Forex Scalping Trading Strategy

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Alright friends, in this forex advice column we are going to dive into forex scalping. First of all, what it actually means, and then go into a little more depth about the mechanics of it. For our forex advice, this would be geared more twords the experienced traders. This type of trading is very fast pace, very risky, and very exillerating. As we have talked about in previous forex blog posts, there are many ways to trade in the forex market. Whether it is to hedge your investments or gain small pips by arbitrage trading, forex trading is a very versatile platform. Forex scalping is another way or method to trade forex. This would be more on the end of arbitrage trading, in that it is very fast paced and there are going to be many trades happening throughout the day to gain very small amounts of profits. With forex scalping, the trader will open and close a position in a very short amount of time to gain a few pips. When we say short amount of time, we are usually talking minutes. The most popular ways to set up for forex scalping would be two ways. To either look at real time charting info to see any potentially profitable patterns you can jump on, or use a automated trading platform. The latter is more popular, however with our forex advice column we do want to trader to actually know what is going on! Yes, reading and understanding indicators takes skill, however we believe that this is far superior to just leaving it up to a forex trading software. With the software, the trader will usually teach to program what indicators to look for and to exploit. However, because of this, the programs do not have the “human touch”. Experience traders might see indicators that the software won’t pickup and that would be pips that you could have gained. For more forex advice, we urge you to take a look at the articles below! We try to update the site as much as we can so expect another article soon!

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