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Forex Blog : Currency Strategists

Forex Blog : Currency Strategists  

“Hi, I’m a Currency Strategist”

In today’s forex blog article, we are going to talk about Currency Strategists. We will talk first of all about who they are, and why they are integral in your forex career. It is always a good idea to talk to your brokerage as they are usually the ones who will employ Currency Strategists.

Currency Strategist is more or less the backend of a brokerage. Sure you have your personal broker who you talk to and communicate trades, but a Currency Strategist works in the background. Their main goal is to look at global economies, and see how healthy they are. This, coupled with technical analysis helps them gather information about different currencies. This forex blog article can’t go into too much detail about what technical indicators they use, as it would take a long time to explain everything! Once the Currency Strategist who a familiarity with both macro economic as well as technical indicators, they can communicate on how they feel about different currencies. And if they are Bulls or Bears. We had a previous forex blog article talking about Bulls and Bears, but here is a brief explanation. A Bull in investing is optimistic about the stock/currency pair/etc that they are buying. They are betting that it will go up in price. A Bear is the opposite and will position themselves to make a profit if that investment sinks. Currency Strategists have a very in-depth knowledge of foreign economies and they have their finger on the pulse of the world’s economy as a whole. Our forex blog highly suggests checking them out to see what they do. Sometimes they are on Bloomberg talking about their opinions. We suggest you listen to their opinions, do your own research, and see if they match up. This will help hone your skills as it will help you think like a professional.

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