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Forex Blog – Dollar Bears Vs. Dollar Bulls

Forex Blog – Dollar Bears Vs. Dollar Bulls

Forex Blog

Dollar Bears vs. Dollar Bulls

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Welcome to another Forex Blog post. We hope that trading has been going well for everyone. Today we are going to talk about Dollar Bears vs. Dollar Bulls. First of all, we will define both types of traders, and then dive into their differences. Forex blog aside, bulls and bears are very common terms when talking about trading. Bulls-optimistic, bears- pessimistic. When someone says “Dollar Bear”, what does this mean? Well, as stated above, bears usually think negatively about the certain trade/pair/currency/etc… Because of this, Dollar Bears are traders who think that the US dollar will fall in relation to other currencies. Dollar Bears will position themselves accordingly. They will trade currency pairs in hopes that the US dollar will fall. From our forex blog’s perspective, we believe that there has been more talk about dollar bears in the recent past. This is because of the US Recession and the general slow post-recession growth. These, being economic indicators might have been signs for Dollar Bears to take long term positions against the dollar. On the other side of the spectrum would be Dollar Bulls. Our forex blog has talked briefly about these types of traders, however we will examine them a bit more. Dollar Bulls, are you guessed it, optimistic about the US dollar. These traders will usually take long term position in favor the US dollar because they think that it will rise in cost against other currencies. Dollar Bulls usually think about the US Dollar in relationship to the big currencies and examine how it will fair up against them. One example of this would be the Euro. Unfortunately, our Forex blog can only go so far into scratching the surface of many different topics. However, we think that it is very interesting and a good learning experience to get to know the trading habits or both Dollar Bears and Dollar Bulls. These traits and trading habits can help dissect the trading habits of other currency Bears and Bulls. A lot of the trading tips and tricks can be used in a variety of currencies.

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