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Free international Call – How to FAQ

This is the second series of the FAQ I posted some days back. I had been receiving numberous emails/comments from visitors all across the globe. Almost all of them asking for free international call to/from their country. Although, Free international calls to various countries is still not possible. I will try my best to include countries which are most popular among my visitors or they recently asked for. Update: Rebtel currently offering Double your money promotion with VOIP Guide exclusively, : Go Take this offer today Question1: I want to make free international calls to Bangladesh. I live in Malaysia. Can you help? Answer: Currently Bangladesh is tightening their rules and trying to keep VOIP under a tight regulation. However there is a service which can help you till the market is isolated by the government. The solution is to use Low rate voip Question2: I am a small businessman in India and have some clients in USA & Canada. I am currently using IDD or Calling cards and sometimes messengers to communicate. But my business requires regular interaction. Can you give me any solution to make free international call to USA & Canada? Answer: You can make free calls to USA & Canada from India. This is not limited to India but available to all other countries. The solution is to use iCall Question 3: I am in singapore but my parents live in Argentina, Can i make free calls to argentina? Additionally, is it possible to call Brazil? Answer: If you live in singapore, you have a added advantage. Singapore is known to a totally FREE VOIP country with minimal regulations for VOIP and telecommunications. One of the most advanced telecom countries in the world to say the least. That means you can make and receive calls in Singapore on landline and mobile both for free. Now coming back to your question, You can call argentina using Voipcheapvoip discount, voipstunt etc. Question 4: Is it possible to make free calls to India? This was asked by almost 100 odd people over email 🙂 & Why India is never listed under Free calling destinations? Let me first answer the second interesting question. India is a traditional telecom country with one of the most stringent regulations. On top of it, it's dominated by the local telcos such as BSNL, MTNL and in private sector, Bharati, Essar & Reliance. There are billions of dollars at stake in the telcom industry which these big punters dont want to give away for FREE. Afterall, they want to cash on your pockets as much as they can till free voip becomes evident and a household name. At the same time, Government makes every attempt not to promote VOIP and benefit the telcos. You know why dont you 🙂 Now, what about making free international calls to India? I would say YES and No both. Why no? Because its not possible to make free calls to india, since indian telecom companies charge the VOIP companies for terminating a call on landline or mobile in india. That sucks but it's true. Then you must be wondering how come there are providers who still offer free calls to India. Yes, there are some providers such as Gizmocall who offer free international calls to india. They basically operate in deep pockets and pay off for the termination charge from other paid service. Trust me this model falls off once the difference is huge. But till its there, you can use Gizmocall to make free calls to India Question 5: I want to make free international call to russia & Czech Republic. Do you know any voip providers offering free calls to russia and czech republic? Yes, Voipcheap & VoipDiscount offers free calls to Russia Landline. Similarly, they offer free international calls to Czech Republic landline only. Question 6: I am in India and have aunt in UK, England. Since we have IDD at home, My parents always call her. However the charges are heavy for a IDD call. It seems you have some solution for free international call to UK. Can you share? UK is another country, owned by local telcos. I mean literally, 02 (BT), orange and T-mobile owns the mobile market and have always charged hefty termination charge for international calls. However, VoipcheapMediaring allows free international calls to UK landline only. I hope the above Question Answer FAQ session has answered most of the queries directed to me on emails/comments on this blog. You can drop comments if you want any specific answers or if you are looking for free international in your country. I will try to find a solution for you as i always do. If you would like to share your experiences about VOIP, Please send me your review on ut(dot)godmode(at) If i like your review, It will be featured on this blog. You can send in your picture aong with it 🙂