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How is this Legal?! New Forex Bot DESTROYS USD/CAD

How is this Legal?!  New Forex Bot DESTROYS USD/CAD As you can tell from the title, we have stumbled up an Opportunity that we are very excited to pass along to our readers. “PipJet” has just been released and it is ABSOLUTELY DOMINATING.   The geniuses behind “PipJet” were the creators of Forex Megadroid. If you have never heard of that program, just google it! There were over 44,000 copies sold!!! Not only this, they have been paving the way for forex robots for OVER 3 YEARS. The best part of this? “PipJet” is a GIANT upgrade from the already successful Megadroid update. This is NOT a fly-by-night software program. They have build a BRAND around their programs and because of this, they offer one of the greatest aids new traders can ask for. Traders can enjoy client support via their ticketing system that will be promptly addressed. A lot of Forex Robot programs have 0 customer support, but not “PipJet“! You want to know the best feature that we have found? You do not need to risk your hard earned capital to see how well “PipJet” performs. You can run “PipJet” on a demo account to get the feel of the robot before you start trading with real money!!! “PipJet” requires the use of Metatrader 4 platform, however this is the industry platform for Forex Trading. Not only that, once you decide to start trading, you can begin with as little as $100! “PipJet” trades on the highly desired USD/CAD during the Asian Session. “PipJet” is also not one of these ridiculous programs that make 100 trades in a day and in the blink of an eye you lost your money. This software is EXTREMELY calculated and precise and only trades under the most optimal conditions. Because of these high standards to execute a trade, “PipJet” usually only trades about 5 times a week! Still not convinced? How about this. If you are not 100% satisfied with your investment, there is a 60 day money back guarantee! You LITERALLY HAVE 0 RISK!. If you buy it, and you don’t like it, simply return it within 60 days after purchase for a full refund. So check out “PipJet” and start having the pips pour in!  

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