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Install windows xp using your pendrive

If you  Install windows xp using pendrive you had to take a minimum of one GB Capacity USB Drive. You have to watch that FAT file system weather support. In general, the greater capacity pendrive such as eight or sixteen GB, FAT32 file system supports only those pen drives. The first of these is to be confirmed. You also have Windows xp cd.   However, Firstly, download the tools needed to create Bootable pen drive. follow the steps below.   Tools >extract and you got two folders in bootsect and usb_prep8.   Let your pen drive is connected to the USB port.   usb_prep8 contain  usb_prep8.cmd folders and open. command prompt will open.   Push any key then PeToUSB window will open.   Without changes PeToUSB window, click the Start button to format the drive.   Start>Run then type cmd command promt     bootsect.exe file in the folder to enter the Path. xp3.PNG     Remember, your hard disk folder in F drive. The first F: and then press Enter. Then cd usbxp bootsect days and then Enter. Enter the bootsect.exe/nt52 J:   bootsect.exe run of the place when the pen drives do not have any window Open. xp4.PNG   After all the enter Press OK “Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes” will see the message. Close the command prompt . But usb_prep8 Do not Close the command prompt.   Now PeToUSB, Close this window.  usb_prep8 command prompt will appear in the image below. Xp2.PNG   Note that the accuracy of the information provided here will be numbers 1-3. you should follow the steps below   Press 1 and then Enter. A Folder Browse Window will open. Show the location of the backup hard drive from Windows XP’s Pick   Press 2 and then Enter. For the creation of a virtual drive and press the Enter Drive Letter T as a day.   Press 3 and then Enter. Drive Letter of pen drives.   Press 4 and start the process   You created a virtual drive asks if you format or not. Enter Y and press Enter. Xp5.PNG   After format press ENTER. Now you’ll see that the XP backup copy from virtualdrive. This will take about 3-5 minutes. When finished, press Enter again. # Then copy the virtual drive from the USB drive will be asked whether or not. You mustclick Yes. The process may take about 15 minutes. Of course, this depends on the speed of pen drives.   # Process has been completed, a popup window appears. Click Yes. # To complete the process, click Yes in the Unmount the virtual drive.   First Boot Device in BIOS to run as select from a USB Boot can be done. But at some BIOS Boot Priority is selected. After restarting your computer will see a menu. Option two will remain in the GUI Mode and Text Mode. The Text Mode from the Windows XP you have to mark then Setup can be done from a pen drive. We hope you will be able to easily.

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