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Microsoft Office 2007 – An Upgrade through Simplification Microsoft Office 2007 – An Upgrade through Simplification

Microsoft Office 2007 is an extensive upgrade from earlier versions. It incorporates a new interface with most of the familiar programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Microsoft aimed to simplify just about everything in terms of tools available to users. One reason for the simplification was to allow all different users to find exactly what they needed, whether it is a young student writing a book report who needed to add page numbers, or a company writer looking to configure some of his text. Simplification across the board also makes it easier for newer users to learn or train in the use of the updated software quickly and effectively. The ease of new software means less cost to companies that rely on Microsoft Office products daily. If employees need several training sessions to learn how to use the new software, that is more time spent away from the desk, and lost salary. So quickMicrosoft Office 2007 Training is vital. The new interface is designed to make different options available at one or two mouse clicks. Instead of the general “File Edit …” taskbar Windows users are so used to, there are now pages, also called the ribbon, which include Home, Page Layout, View and more in Microsoft Word 2007. These pages can be clicked to see different options without disturbing the work of the document. These pages can be chosen to easily find any of the options users had to struggle to locate on previous versions. According to Microsoft, the pages are helpful “to find and use the full range of features these applications provide.” Microsoft also says the new interface provides “an uncluttered workspace that reduces distraction for users so they can spend more time and energy focused on their work.” The ribbon can be minimized from the main toolbar, in which case Word reverts back to a more familiar page with the pages hidden. However, when those pages are clicked upon, instead of the former toolbar opening, it goes directly to the page. In addition to pages, Microsoft has also introduced a simpler Quick Access Toolbar. The main button on that toolbar in Microsoft Word 2007 allows the user to quickly save, print, or open files, as well as view recent documents. Other default buttons on the toolbar include a quick save button and an undo button. Of course, all of this is customizable. In addition to Microsoft Word 2007PowerPointExcelAccess, and most of the other popular Office programs have this updated layout. Some of the pages may differ based on the program, but the general use is the same across the board. Overall, Microsoft Office 2007 addressed some of the biggest problems it faced in the past, and accomplished them with flying colors. Office 2007 has a very quick learning curve, and, after a few basic instructions, users are able to easily navigate through all of the software.