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Table No 21 (2013) Free Download

Table No 21 (2013) Free Download

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The unemployed Vivaan (Rajeev Khandelwal) and Siya Agasthi (Tena Desae), like any other ordinary couple, are working their way to make ends meet. However they won a chance to make a trip to the beautiful islands of Fiji in a luck draw contest. Not only is this holiday fully paid for, with their stay at one of the finest hotels, but they also get invited to dine at Suva, Fiji’s finest resorts on occasion of their wedding anniversary. At the resort they encounter the charming Mr. Khan (Paresh Rawal). Mr Khan invited the couple to take part in a live game show named 'Table 21' which offers a staggering amount of 21 crores as the prize. The rules are simple - 8 questions will be asked reagrding their personal life for which they have to answer the truthfully and have to do the task assigned to each question. The main rules of the games are 1) If you lie, you will die 2) You cant leave the show in between 3) You are not permitted to get any external help other than from their partner. Seeming the game as pretty straightforward and realizing how an amount so large could potentially change their lives forever, Vivaan and Siya decide to take up the challenge. The game kick starts with the couple performing impressively well in kissing publicly in a street as part of the first task amking them to win 1 Crore.The second task made Siya, who is a pure vegetarian,was made to eat non veg food. The third task was for Vivan to manipulate Mr.Khan on which he succeeded sucessfully earning more money. However the game starts to indicate its grey shade from Task 4, where Siya was locked in a air tight chamber and to retrieve the key Vivan has to fill a bottle with 500ml of blood. Howver, Vivan who is Hematophobic manage to complete the task at the right time and saved Siya. The fifth task made the couple to realize the fact that they are stuck in a rut. The fifth task demanded Vivan to shave Siya's head with the clipper. With no choice left, Siya had to shorn her long locks. The sixth task was where the bald Siya has to slap Vivan harshly a couple of times. Vivan who begin to collect the pieces starts to realize that Mr.Khan knows a lot about them, even there personal secrets. Vivan starts to get suspicious. The seventh task was for Vivan who had to smash a car parked in the parking lot with a hockey stick. Cornered by a group of thugs in between, Vivan tries to seek the help of a Police officer.Provoked by Vivan's behavior, Mr.Khan sends Siya to a strip club and make a force strip of her. The eight question, which the last barrier that stands between the couple and 21 crores was shoot for Siya. Siya try to lie reveals the fact that she had a post martial affair with her boss for saving her job. Heartbroken, Vivan realized that Mr.Khan real intentions were to spoil his happy family life. Mr.Khan decides to shoot Siys since she broke the most important rule of the game. Vivan interferes and pleads Mr.Khan not to do so. Khan who comes with an alternative as Vivan to murder someone he poits out. Unwillingly, Vivan takes up the task since he has to save Siya. The couple along with Khan are taken to a Villa where Khan asks Vivan to shoot a mentally retarded boy. The boy named Akram is revealed to be Khan's only son who lost his mental stability as a result of the brutal ragging by Vivan and his friends including siya during his college days. The audience are revealed the fact that all those ruthless tasks given to the couple by Khan are the same ragging tasks given to Akram by Vivan. Vivan wont be able to kill Akram. Mr.Khan signs off by saying that he could have done this more easily but he wanted to make the couple understand the impact of their brutal jokes. Mr.Khan was taking revenge on the couple for what he lost. The movie ends with paying homage to the ragging victims across the nation
Directed by Aditya Datt
Produced by Vicky Rajani Sunil Lulla
Screenplay by Jimmy-sen
Story by Deepak Behera (BC)
Starring Paresh Rawal Tena Desae Rajeev Khandelwal
Music by Gajendra Verma
Editing by Sanatan Majhi(Bale)
Studio Filmcity studios, Mumbai
Distributed by Eros International
Release date(s)
  • January 4, 2013
Running time 120 mins
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget 10 crores
Box office $31,658[1]

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