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The 3 Steps to Setting Up a Popular and Successful Blog

The 3 Steps to Setting Up a Popular and Successful Blog There are many completely different formulas or ways to realize a productive blog, however most pathways can have some basic ideas which will invariably stay identical. i’m therefore certain you need to have browse most of it on several blogs (the most frequently continual one – Original and well written content) , that is sort of a necessary issue , however not the sole issue. to stay it simple I even have broken it all the way down to 3 easy steps. This post is formed for primarily word press primarily based blogs however are often applied to alternative websites yet. Get Traffic and make your blog Popular In my 10+ years of blogging, I even have realized that these 3 factors that form up the essential formula of any productive blog is simply three factors as given below • Content ( often announce Content) • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) • Design (Look and structure of the blog) Good Content is important principally to make up a daily audience that comes back to your web log repeatedly and additionally get your posts coupled, resulting in car SEO for your web log. associate yea don’t forget that Google additionally likes sensible content except once during a whereas once their evil pandas and penguins do stuff that they’re not imagined to do. individuals additionally marker sensible content that build them comeback at some a part of time to your web log. SEO is required like each sensible product that desires advertising to urge it detected. Unless you seo optimize you web log, it’s unlikely that you simply are found on the huge web wherever innumerable blogs area unit vying each day for each person’s attention. this is often created simple by word press SEO plugins that build the task simple for you. Design could be a thought that just about desires no clarification. If you seen any makeover show on TV , you’ll be able to get what i’m making an attempt to mention , you create one thing look sensible ( sort of a web log – not a ugly chick) and other people can come and it’ll additionally register on their mind. style includes the colors of your web log, structure of your web log and additionally the look of your web log. If you notice most productive blogs have a lightweight color (or white colour) theme. So currently that you simply got a decent plan of why these three steps got to be enforced on your web log or web site, i will be able to show you {ways|you the means} to try to to it the straightforward way and also the exhausting way. Content Content are often the toughest a part of these 3 steps to urge your web log fashionable, simply because it’s the foremost time overwhelming of those three steps. to form this half easier its invariably suggested to possess a web log topic or niche that you simply area unit addicted to and prefer to indite. I even have ne’er SEO researched my topics to post before blogging and that i still get good traffic for my niche, as a result of the content is nice. Get windows live author for blogging and save content that interests you in your niche on windows live author and end and post it once you get time. a way to stay the regular flow of your web log posts going is to a minimum of write four articles for your web log and keep able to post ( that takes care of a minimum of four posts for a month) and so in between once you get time and notice articles that interest you and you wish to web log concerning simply add them as bonus posts to your web log middle your this four posts. you’ll be able to vary these numbers of posts to suit yourself relying however ofttimes you wish to update your web log. This was the exhausting means, some simple however not as effective ways in which Pine Tree Stateasure} given below for the those that area unit invariably short on time or area unit simply half time bloggers like me. The easy way to get content for your blog Get content for you web log from others, this may be exhausted 2 ways in which PAID and Free FREE content – the straightforward thanks to get free content is to urge individuals to try to to guest posts for your web log on you web log niche topic (to keep it relevant). This becomes easier the once your web log has a better Google rank as individuals can wish to feed of your high Google ranking. Nowadays you’ll additionally get several paid offers from SEO corporations ( with provided content and link ) to post on your web log for a fee, that is going on even a lot of when the GOOGLE PANDA & sphenisciform seabird update. These form of offers area unit sensible as a result of they content provided is free and you get paid yet. Hard way and Paid way to get content for your blog PAID for CONTENT, for web log – This methodology involves alittle of labor, principally trial and error till you get the correct person, with the employment of content writing services that may be offered for a fee to you on freelance sites. you’ll be able to get a piece of writing written for as low as $5 a piece of writing, however additionally finding an individual World Health Organization will write it for $5 while not grammatical errors and sensible content could be a little bit of successful and miss till you discover that correct person. i actually do article writing , therefore i do know the time it will want write a well written article , therefore if somebody will do this for $5 and are available up with sensible well written content then it’s low-cost. Some of the websites where you can source article writers for blogs are There area unit lots a lot of websites ( ,, which give these services however i actually haven’t done any business with these sites to this point .People will charge you from $1 a piece of writing to $25 a piece of writing on these websites, however you’ll be able to get either well written article or a nasty descriptive linguistics article for somewhere between $2 to $10 a piece of writing. If your web log is creating an honest quantity of financial gain this strategy is well price considering to liberate it slow to specialise in SEO and alternative aspects of the web log that desires some tweaking and a focus. When you compare all the 3 aspects mentioned, i feel content is one in all the foremost vital aspects of a web log, as a result of sensible well written content can build individuals come to your web log and is also the explanation for you obtaining a lot of natural links to your web log and so obtaining a lot of traffic. Beginner Bloggers typically overlook the importance of this issue and soon there’s plenty of reverse work to be done to repair this. SEO   SEO is associate signifier for computer program improvement. once a web site or web log is computer program optimized it’s victimisation tools and ways to rank higher among search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. the straightforward thanks to get SEO for your web log is to urge a subject that is seo enabled or then includes a specific SEO operate additional in. SEO during a theme can solely assist you to a small degree bit currently days, because the definition of SEO nowadays is apace dynamic , no due to Google’s regular updates on SEO. the opposite issue that’s more and more being taken in as live of your seo price is you quality on new fashionable social websites like Facebook, twitter and Goggle+. One sensible strategy for up you SEO and Traffic apace is to focus your energies on one issue – get links from authority sites. {a web site|an internet site|a web site} that’s extremely graded in search engines leads to a lot of traffic to your website A good thanks to be up-to-date with SEO for your web log is to browse what’s happening within the SEO space, by reading putative SEO blogs like, SEOJOURNAL, DAILYBLOG TIPS and additionally Google and BING webmaster tools blogs. If you bought a Google account, a Google webmaster tools account or a Bing Webmaster tools account also will facilitate keep you in sensible office and assist you keep a watch on your web site to see if everything is correct and functioning because it ought to.   Design   Design isn’t solely a feel sensible, look sensible issue however additionally helps herald a lot of individuals back to your web log, even a lot of if the content is nice yet. World Health Organization doesn’t prefer to be related to a decent wanting person?, identical goes for a web log to alittle extent. once a web site appearance skilled and neat a lot of purchasers and Viewers are drawn to it. SEO desires a pleasant wanting web site style so as for them to each work a lot of effectively. If a web site doesn’t seem clean and friendly customers and purchasers are suspend by it One of the opposite vital factors permanently style that’s typically unnoted is simple navigation and structure. Your web log guests shouldn’t get annoyed making an attempt to search out things on your blogs. A well arranged out high navigation bar with applicable sub- links beneath applicable headings, an enquiry button for your web log and Social buttons placed in optimised positions can improve the likeability of your web log yet, thanks to a far better user expertise. Contrary to some beliefs, your blogs style may really be accountable for your lack of traffic. style for a web log is obtaining cheaper by the day due to tons of new freelance sites as mentioned on top of. thanks to these cheaper costs, Websites that offer themes have additionally started reducing their costs to form it cheaper an inexpensive word press theme. Good style isn’t solely concerning the aesthetics of the web log. It additionally affects however your web site appearance on all the various net browsers that folks use to browse websites. the sole safe thanks to check that your {website|web web site} will well all told browsers is creating your site compatible with all of them. web mortal, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera – your web site ought to be tested against every of them or a minimum of at a minimum the foremost fashionable of browsers and the way they give the impression of being and render on them. “No matter however nice your web log appearance, if it’s exhausting for your viewer to navigate your web log and notice what they require, you’ve defeated your own purpose. nice style could be a sensible wedding of kind and performance and value.” To conclude I will say there’s no magic fix that your web log can become fashionable nightlong, there area unit a simply a number of stuff you ought to get educated or get some specialise in for a productive web log “I counsel learning concerning blogging, particularly content selling, then maybe social media, however search engines work, and copywriting, for starters.