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Top 10 Most Popular Korean Fashion Magazines

What are the most popular Korean fashion magazines? Here is a list of top 10 best online Korean fashion magazines in Korean language. You may use Google Translate to have a rough reading. 1. High-cut: one of the best known Korean fashion magazines, offering fashion, beauty, star album, ebooks and more. 2. Vogue: Korea site of the fashion magazine Vogue Korea, featuring beauty trends, international trends, fashion designers and fashion guide. 3. Fashion Net Korea: fashion knowledge portal, textile, fashion, events, news and trends, collections and more. 4. CeCi: a popular Korean fashion magazine, delivering stars, fashion, audition, career, beauty blogs and more. 5. Nylon: one of the most popular Korean fashion magazines, providing beauty, fashion, video clips and style tips for women. 6. Singles: a lifestyle magazines, featuring luxury, fashion, beauty, stars, and employment information. 7. Stylem: have a look at celebrity fashion, fashion news, trends, beauty information and more. 8. GQ Korea: the most popular fashion magazine for men, delivering fashion, trends, photos, sports, cars and lifestyle. 9. Fashion Channel: a fashion business magazine, providing fashion industry news, fashion brands, distribution, and market analysis. 10. ELLE atZINE: women’s fashion and beauty monthly magazine, offering seasonal collections, luxury brands, showroom, etc.