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Top 15 Most Popular Torrent Search Engine Sites

What are the top torrent search engine sites?  Here are the top 15 most popular torrent search engine  sites based on a combination of Alexa Rank, content richness, users’ reviews and freshness. It would be great if you could add your favorite torrent search engine sites to the list or write some reviews of them. 1. One of the largest torrent search engine sites and directory on the web with thousands of torrents.  Covering a wide categories of movies, TV shows, Games, Music, Software and more. 2. One of the most popular torrent search engines which features search, music, movies, software, Hindi movies, Pc games and more. 3. The Private Bay A great torrent search engine site available in 35 languages, featuring music, movies, games, TV shows, software, top 100 and more. This torrent search engine is also customizable. YOu can set your preferences. 4. isoHunt   A canadian site which claims to be the most advanced torrent search engine. With cross-referenced trackers statistics for all of the torrents indexed updated hourly, also providing an awesome P2P community to share comments and ratings in discovering new media. 5. Torrent Scan An easy and simple torrent search engine. You type your keywords, click “enter” then the search results will be loaded above the page. Users can also customize this torrent search engine with the small icons on the top left corner. 6. Torrent Reactor One of oldest and most reliable search engine for torrents. Find and download movies, music, software, games, and more easily. Claims to have over 2057300 torrents online. 7. BT Junkie A large and advanced torrent search engine with more than 2,500,000 active torrents and from thousands of torrents added daily.  Indexes both public and private trackers and scours all the web with a automated crawler. 8. Entertane A multi-option torrent search engine site which allows you search 16 torrent search engine sites like isoHunt, BTjunkie, Torrent Portal, mininova and more.  The search results will display in a framed interface. 9. Demonoid One of the most popular torrent search engine sites with a turbulent history.  Demonoid offers registration to the public periodically.  Its registration is currently closed.  But you can register with a invitation code. 10. Seed Peer Another popular torrent search engine which formerly known as Meganova.  I checked the site and found its load speed is pretty impressive.  The interface is quite neat and intuitive. 11. Vertor Short for verified torrents, this torrent search engine claims to be a new generation torrent site which offers users with verified torrent files.  All files are verified and 100 percent safe to download. 12. Fenopy A popular torrent search engines which offering search, music, movies, software, books, games, tv shows and more. 13. Extra Torrent   One of the world’s largest torrent search engine sites. Providing music, movies, games, software, iPod, anime and more. 14. Torrent Finder Featuring torrent search engine.  Users can search over 169 best torrent websites and trackers from it.  Compare among torrents, read comments and find the best ones to download. 15. Monova A nice torrent search engines providing torrent search, music, movies, software, TV shows and more. I guess this website would be making some money for maintenance by its ads and popups.